MATH 1050

MATH 1050

College Algebra

Some of the information that was in this course was a refresher for me.  I had not took a Math course in several years, so this is what I tested into through the Accuplacer.  This was an online course with Yulia Danilova.  The class was structured( as far as planned by day), but flexible as we had access to the entire course from the first day( and were encouraged to complete assignments early).

Our assignments included textbook homework, worksheets, homework completed online through Pearson’s, in-person exams, and a term project ( as defined by the links).

Term Project Part I

This assignment allowed me to house shop, which is something I find enjoyable to do in my free time.

I also researched the career path I would like to take and saw what a difference the business makes in the employee’s take-home pay.

Term Project Part II

The second part this assignment was a good reminder that buying a home and paying back your mortgage as quickly as possible is always the best path to take.

We also took a deeper look into simple interest and amortization calculators.  I honestly would have wished that someone took the time to explain these to me before I bought my first car.  At the time, I did not know the difference between 14% and 14.99% would add up to a substantial amount of money.  The amortization calculator is great to see how paying extra affects your loan amounts or to see when more of your money is going towards your investment and not to the interest ( the company you borrowed from).

Project Part III Budgeting for the Future

Since the third part of the assignment was collaborative, we were provided a wider scope to our findings.  I was surprised that a nurse would make as much as the average Computer Systems Analyst, and I had no idea that teachers made so little.

The ratios of how much we spent for each section of our budgets were surprisingly similar.  I initially thought that the more money we made, the more we saved.  However, this was not the case.

The graph on slide 12 really made it apparent how much money you would be wasting, if you took out a 30 year mortgage.  The varied interest rates we all found was odd to me, I had assumed we would all have about the same credit scores.

In conclusion, I think this class covered all of the material in our textbook, and provided real life examples of how our lives are effected by some of these concepts.