HLAC 1105 Badminton

HLAC 1105 Badminton

What did you learn about “lifelong wellness” from taking this activity class?

In this course I learned that fitness can be fun.  It does not have to include going to the gym with your headphones in being completely unsociable.  This class was only 2 hours a week, but I did notice results from the added physical activity.  Since I am a student and carry a job, I always feel short on time.  Although, setting aside just 2 hours a week does promote a healthier life style than spending your time at work and studying.

How would you apply this information to your life?

I already started to apply this to my life by always taking the stairs, opting to carry heavy items, instead of pushing them on a cart, and walking to places instead of driving (whether this be across campus or to the restaurant down the street).  Basically, there is a choice in the way you do everything that can create a healthy lifestyle.  All of the seemingly little efforts will add up at the end of the day.

In order to lose weight or tone you must add different exercises to your daily routine.  All of the above helps, but you will plateau if you don’t try working different muscles.  You could also end up only working certain muscle groups.  This class helped me see the need for changing the routine that I had become accustomed to.

What is your intention to continue to exercise in your life and why?

I will continue to make healthy choices as they arise, but I see the need to add cardio at least three times a week to my lifestyle.  I’m going to set time aside for workouts each week.  I will look into classes at my gym, so I feel a need to commit to them.

General ideas for improving this course?

The course layout was clear and worked well.  We learned a new movement and rule each class period as a group, and then played a game to practice this.  I must admit that I didn’t fully understand all of the rules initially, but it was when I played on a team with a seasoned badminton player he acted as a referee.  When I gave him puzzled glances following his calls, he would explain the rule and would reenact the movement.  Also, to prepare for the midterm we would call out the types of shots each player used in-game.  This repetition and use of the rules helped me to retain them.

The only suggestion I would make is that inexperienced players would be teamed up more often with experienced players, so they could learn from them.  During this class, I saw personal growth when I was helping (teaching) someone, and when I was learning from the better players.