Computer Literacy

Computer Literacy

CIS 1020

Computer Essentials

In this course I learned the fundamentals of the 2010 version of Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software. In addition, I also learned or refreshed, the terminology used for hardware and software. This was an online course that provided documents and requested that specific changes were made. The following assignments are from these exercises. Therefore, the content of these assignments is not my own work.

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Course Reflection

Previously to taking the course I had not used Microsoft 2010.  I learned all of the new features.  I also learned about networking.  The Microsoft Word section provided me with a better understanding of how to utilize the reference tab.  I used this feature in my other courses during this semester, and the ability to copy previously used references was a time saver.  Also, I became confident in my use of the following insert functions: citation, caption, table of figures, table of contents, and works cited.  In the Microsoft Excel section of the course I became more familiar with the amount of pre-set functions.  Before this course I had just wrote all of my own, but now realized there are numerous pre-sets to choose from.  The integration between the two programs showed me that if you drag a chart or graph into a themed Word document that the colors would change to fit the theme.  In the Microsoft PowerPoint section of the course I saw the increased amount of options in themes, transitions, and effects that were not available in previous versions.  In the Technology and Action section of the course, I learned about the current trends and refreshed the terms.  I learned a great deal about networks, and ended up helping my mother set her own up over the phone after completed the section that covered this.