ENGL 2010

Intermediate Writing

English 2010 has helped me grown as a writer in the following ways: introduced me to new types of writing styles( these were outlined very clearly in the text), I found out what worked and did not when peer editing, and I discovered my journalistic style was outweighing all other styles. I had previously wrote opinion pieces, but had never been introduced a position and proposal paper. I could see how I would use these in the future. When entering the work force in a career field I would probably have to come up with proposals and have opinions or positions on things that would need to be carefully planned and executed.

For my first assignment I chose someone that had challenged traditional views of Fresno, had a vision, and was successful in achieving this. I quickly learned from having my paper edited. The other students were able to tell by my writing style that I had done journalistic writing most recently. I would always use the third person, write as emotionless as possible, and always double space after periods. The student’s comments really brought to light that my journalistic writing rules did not apply here, so I had to almost reteach myself the essay in the beginning of this course. When I was reading other students papers, I realized what worked and what didn’t work because I had a fresh point of view on these and assignment. I quickly was able to locate holes in their arguments or things that needed additional clarification if you were not an expert on the subject. The things that were working in students papers that I edited were good transitions that were engaging and appropriate for the audience. I tried to incorporate the style of these into my own writing.

In the middle of this course, I moved from California to Utah. The area I chose had a community website—with forums—and a link to the city’s master plans. This included its long and short term goals. A lot of the issues of concern they had were similar to what Reza Assemi, from the profile, had addressed, and then I found documents citing the benefits to the environment and your health if these policies were in practice. Initially the research was a chore, since two of the references had at least sixty pages. Once I trimmed down the information to what was appropriate for the assigned page length, I tried to utilize transitions to make the research interesting and worthy of a readers time. I wanted that flow I had seen other students achieve.

The position paper was inspired largely by my disbelief of the accusation the country had against Apple. I was trying to find out everything I could for my own benefit about this, so I thought others might be doing the same. I took this in a different direction when I started trying to formulate other options, and I thought of a couple of things that creative friends of mine that were able to make a living from their projects were doing—a lot of self-promotion and getting out there as cheaply and quickly as possible. I thought it would be beneficial to artists, musicians, writers, and application developers to consider these options, and find out what is right for them.

When putting together this final proposal I tried to incorporate the initial assignment (making sure the style did follow what was written), the peer review edits, the teachers’ comments from the grading rubric, and that it was a successful speech ( I read them out loud when I want to proof them for myself). For the profile assignment I re-listened to my recordings from the interviews to make sure I had written the emphasis in the right areas of what he said and tried to create a picture of Reza Assemi and what he had done for Fresno. I still lived there at the time, and most of the additions were common knowledge in Fresno, but I wouldn’t have noticed if Nathan Cole and my peer editor had not pointed out it was unclear or simply asked why. In the position and proposal pieces I kept looking at them together and separate to ensure that I had written two distinctly different articles. The topics were the same and the styles were similar. Having to do it in this way really taught me to identify the small differences between the two.

Profile: Breathing Life Into Downtown

Position: Fair Compensation For eBooks

Proposal: Who is Profiting in a Digital Marketplace

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